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Al Fatiha – The Opening is not just a foundation but rather, an inspiration that this world becomes a better space for the entire humanity and creation in general. It is not just about philanthropy but it is about providing opportunities to the vulnerable and less privileged members of the world therefore  enhancing sustainable peace, stability, growth and tolerance through philanthropy. After having been engaged in philanthropy and developmental aid programmes since 2012, Al Fatiha was registered with the government of the Republic of South Africa as a Trust after having convinced the government, partners, the donor community and beneficiaries that it is there to serve humanity and promote sustainable community development through philanthropy. The registration number is …………………… and this development will see Al Fatiha connecting communities through philanthropy and fulfilling the aspirations of its members, beneficiaries and the world at large.


To support and uplift the less privileged, sick, disabled, and vulnerable members of the community by providing the needed resources so that we establish a balanced and just society.


To strive to be a pillar for the less privileged and vulnerable members of the communities by providing platforms that promote philanthropy, developmental aid and equitable distribution of resources.

Aims and objectives

  • The furthering of support in relief aid, disaster management and developmental aid hence promoting growth, stability, peace and development among citizens of South Africa.
  • To provide training and education to orphans, vulnerable children and the less privileged members of the society with a view of their full integration into society.
  • To provide orphans, vulnerable children, youths and students with social skills, etiquette and respect for themselves and others.
  • To provide decent shelter to orphans and vulnerable children.
  • To enter into or develop partnerships with government ministries or any societies, associations, voluntary organizations and individuals both locally and internationally in matters concerning development.
  • To mobilize, source, raise, obtain, administer and manage endowment Waqffunds, resources or donations of any kind from local or external sources for the general expenses, support, care, maintenance, relief, upkeep, welfare and interest of beneficiaries.
  • To invest and to conduct any trade or business for the purpose of generating funds for the foundation.


  • Endowments, Waqf funds Management –Managing endowment funds through investments and administration therefore providing assistance to intended beneficiaries.
  • Infrastructure Development –Through Waqf funds, construction of Masaajid (Mosques), clinics, schools, borehole drilling, low housing schemes and real estate managements to supplement  the needs of the intended beneficiaries.
  • Supporting students –Providing support to underprivileged students in the form of tuition fees and learning materials so that they become assets for the communities rather than liabilities. This is extended to the realm of extracurricular programmes such as carrier guidance, guidance and counselling (moral education) and research programmes.
  • Support orphans and vulnerable children –With South Africa’s high figure of orphans, Al fatiha works on assisting some of the orphans and vulnerable children with basic needs.
  • Widows support programme –Women are an integral part of our societies and the passing on of their husbands is not an end to their lives. Al fatiha also provides developmental aid in the form of projects for self-reliant and sustainable development.
  • Philanthropy –Al fatiha carries various charitable activities to help humanity during the times of need. These programmes include food aid, basic clothing, winter warmth, Ramadan food aid and Qur’ban assistance. Aqeeqah/Adak programmes are also executed on behalf of interested parties. 

Human resources

Al Fatiha Charity Foundation has firmly established itself as a bridge between the Philanthropists and the needy Communities thus striving towards the creation of an excellent Muslim generation. Al fatiha is endowed with human resources that are professionals, academics, social and rights activists and philanthropists. All these human resources have served not less than five years while others have more than thirty years’ experience in the service of humanitarian, developmental and charitable organisations. This set of individuals form Al Fatiha Charity Foundation, decision making, management, administration and implementing departments.  Below is the board of trustee of Al Fatiha:-


Mr Andrew Magwaza


Mr Simon Mbatha


Ms Saidi Mujirah


Mr Saidi Iriyasa

Research Director

Ms Farida Saidi Atibu

Programs Director

Ms Aisha Saidi

Deputy Programs Director

Ms Susan Benjamin

Public & Information Secretary

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